Very strong winds!

Yesterday  Buffy and I went and climbed RoughTor and Brown Willy, despite being a Sunday we saw very few people which is hardly surprising as it was pretty damp, and very windy! I haven’t been up here for ages as we are usually coast bound but felt climbing up the two highest points in Cornwall on Bodmin Moor would be great exercise. It is another world from the coastline and it feels like you could walk forever to discover secret very old places. The stone formations are amazing, incredible granite tors higher up and bogs in the lower areas.

Wuthering Heights

While on route to Brown Willy I came across this derelict building with wonderful granite walls and the fabulous tree lichen blowing in the wind, just to the left of the photograph shows Brown Willy farm, none of this would look out of place in a scene in Wuthering Heights, despite being Bodmin Moor not Yorkshire Moor. I wish I could have got closer to explore but it was fenced off and a sign said it was part of the farm.

After climbing both Tors, Buffy and myself struggled back to the car in the fierce winds and drizzle, as the dog was lagged in mud we both went home for baths! Definitely coming back here to explore more….