Starting my collection!

Well I can’t put it off any longer, my training starts in earnest this week as the post Christmas rush has died down and so has the wind! My trek to Everest Base camp starts on April 15th when I fly to Kathmandu for 3 weeks. It has dawned on me that there is just over three months for me to get fit enough to endure this challenging trip. I am getting very excited as well as nervous about the whole thing and although I have walking boots that need more breaking in, the kit list seems never ending so I am starting to take advantage of the sales.

While out walking the coastline it will at least be an opportunity to take my camera when training in this area, I am very lucky to live close by wonderful coastline views to inspire me to keep going with the added advantage of walking off the post Christmas pounds!

I intend to update my progress regularly on the training so that it will motivate me, although will not probably be very exciting to everyone!

Its raining outside so might start inside on the cross-trainer!

Susie x