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Padstow Mussel Christmas Cake!

Happy Christmas from all of us!

Our Christmas cake is slightly more sea based this year, mostly made by Lucy with two additions from ¬†Ashleigh and Dom who happened to drop in during the decorative period, […]

why the nuts were shiny!

The cat’s going for the nuts….

Found this out this morning, Bought the nuts yesterday and put them in our gorgeous large mussel bowl, we wondered why quite soon after they looked over shiny for nuts […]

Not exactly a christmas tree decoration!

The Christmas tree went up last night!

Well we put the tree up and started to decorate around it and despite trying to use a only red theme this year, ¬†some unwanted decorations found their way onto […]

My treasures from the beach!

Not Exactly Killer Whales!

While walking the dog in this cold wind and keeping my head down, I have collected these fabulous fishing lures washed up on the big swells. If I had only […]

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