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Always along for the ride.

An iconic Winter image of St Merryn, Padstow.

When picking up the girls from the school bus on weekdays at 4.00 pm this collie  can always be seen in the back of this truck parked outside The Spar […]

squall shower web

Went looking for seals not a killer walk!

Today my friend Ashleigh and myself skipped off work to come up past Boscastle and look for seals. Armed with an Ordnance Survey map we found a footpath that led […]

Very strong winds!

Buffy on Tor

Yesterday  Buffy and I went and climbed RoughTor and Brown Willy, despite being a Sunday we saw very few people which is hardly surprising as it was pretty damp, and […]

Very fresh indeed!

My photo of a very fresh trigger fish!

This triggerfish was found by Dom from Explore The Shore around Christmas time when several of these can be found washed in on the local Cornish beaches, this one is unusual […]

Trevose Lighthouse

Final photographic image of Trevose Lighthouse

This is the shot I managed to get on Monday looking through the tamarisk hedge, the rocks in the background show the Quies from a very different angle from what […]

new blog image

Not always in my office….

Today was the day to go outside, my mission was to take a portrait shot of Trevose Lighthouse from a different angle to use as a print and image for […]

Starting my collection!

Slightly unusual Christmas presents!

Well I can’t put it off any longer, my training starts in earnest this week as the post Christmas rush has died down and so has the wind! My trek […]

Padstow Lifeboat Station on Christmas Day.

Happy New Year from all of us at The Padstow Mussel Co!

Happy New Year, from all of us at The Padstow Mussel Co! No traditional Turkey indoors for us this year, we barbecued mussels and prawns on the beach, although it […]

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