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Pilchard Wheel ,Newlyn

Vintage Effect Photograph Of A Pilchard Wheel, Newlyn.

I have found this image of a salted pilchard wheel that I photographed several years ago when visiting the Newlyn Fish Festival which is a fantastic annual one day event […]

Bo, Buffy and Barney.

Three Dogs On A Very Long Walk!

Sunday afternoon was glorious weather, Dom who has Bo, Munch who has Barney and myself with Buffy decided to take the dogs for a good walk, We set off from […]

The detail is exquisite

Vintage Effect Photography, and a very old Camera

My daughter Lucy has become a camera fanatic and is fascinated in old cameras with bellows and has made herself a pinhole camera.I went through the attic and found an […]

Definitely Spring

Sunday walk not Sunday roast! A very nice circular trip.

Went for a longish walk with dog Buffy this morning, it seems surprisingly mild after the cornish cold snap. The rest of the country might be under thick snow but […]

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