My very own stone medal!

Walking our dog on the beach a couple of days ago I found this amazing pebble, about 8 cms long, it is extraordinary what nature can turn up! With the Olympics nearly over and now addicted to watching the mens diving this will be an excellent reminder.

These next poor quality images but just to show you that I do occasionally go out at night! Yesterday I had been up since 5.00am and thought I would catch up on some printing only to find that my printer was playing up big time and spent the next two hours fixing it, two nozzle heads had completely blocked and I had to use the older printer as my back up. Luckily I fixed problem, but sometimes printing can be very stressful, and things can go wrong quite easily.

By that evening I had had enough, done a little bit in my veg patch and at 6.30 downed tools, jumped in the car and 20 minutes later we were at the Boardmasters Festival listening to Maverick Sabre who is one of my favourite artists. How lucky we are to live so close by, the weather was perfect and the sun glinting down on the sea made a change from the  times there when it rained!

Well, I had been up early!

I even found one of my daughters!

For the “slightly ” older generation it is definitely worth the upgrade for VIP tickets, drinks and loos have no queues! The average age seems to get lower every year, and the young girls shorts get shorter! The atmosphere was brilliant and being a “local” event it is always nice to bump into people you know, even that split second when I saw my daughters having a great time!

Dizzie Rascal, goin up in smoke!

Well, having Dizzee Rascal end the evening, hot from the Olympic opening ceremony was the perfect end, he was really brilliant and didn’t disappoint! We raced out of the arena at the end and quickly home to watch recorded mens diving and a cuppa tea, Way to go Tom Daley!