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At Everest Base Camp

My Awfully Big Adventure, and Thinking of Everest…

It has been two weeks since I returned from Nepal and only now have I actually  got my head around catching up with my blog. The one I sent from […]


From Roughtor to Kathmandu

Finally after months and months today is the day I leave for Kathmandu! Lots of hill walking ,coastal paths and training I am on my way to Heathrow  for the […]

carrying the treasure

Pirates leave buried treasure on Easter Day

Eggciting day down on Booby’s Beach, North Cornwall, a pirate had left a treasure map left clues to buried treasure on the beach that contained stolen Easter eggs, all the […]

everest 2

The trouble with bucket lists!

I cannot believe that the time comes around so quickly, and one of the reasons that I have not been blogging for a while is that I had under estimated […]

Pilchard Wheel ,Newlyn

Vintage Effect Photograph Of A Pilchard Wheel, Newlyn.

I have found this image of a salted pilchard wheel that I photographed several years ago when visiting the Newlyn Fish Festival which is a fantastic annual one day event […]

Bo, Buffy and Barney.

Three Dogs On A Very Long Walk!

Sunday afternoon was glorious weather, Dom who has Bo, Munch who has Barney and myself with Buffy decided to take the dogs for a good walk, We set off from […]

The detail is exquisite

Vintage Effect Photography, and a very old Camera

My daughter Lucy has become a camera fanatic and is fascinated in old cameras with bellows and has made herself a pinhole camera.I went through the attic and found an […]

Definitely Spring

Sunday walk not Sunday roast! A very nice circular trip.

Went for a longish walk with dog Buffy this morning, it seems surprisingly mild after the cornish cold snap. The rest of the country might be under thick snow but […]

Always along for the ride.

An iconic Winter image of St Merryn, Padstow.

When picking up the girls from the school bus on weekdays at 4.00 pm this collie  can always be seen in the back of this truck parked outside The Spar […]

squall shower web

Went looking for seals not a killer walk!

Today my friend Ashleigh and myself skipped off work to come up past Boscastle and look for seals. Armed with an Ordnance Survey map we found a footpath that led […]

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