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Chickens getting a bit uppity !

Chickens who come for Tea

Chickens getting a bit uppity ! With the evenings getting darker, the four latest chickens which are rescue ones are now very demanding! As soon as I open the front […]

My secret passion, Hula Hooping in Bristol!

And now for something completely different! My way to keep fit and weight down is hula hooping, its fantastic fun and you can do it anywhere, the beach when its […]

The Jug not the Cat!

Just getting our lovely big four pint lobster jug ready to post off to London, where Country Homes and Interiors will be taking it to South Africa for a photo shoot, think […]

Glorious day on the beach, 10 mins ago!

Buffy and I have just come back from beach, chilly wind, but felt the sun on my face as we set off from Treyarnon over to Constantine beach which was […]

Slight Consolation

While facetiming with Ollie, Ashleigh ( and Dom ( it did help seeing the rain splashing down outside Starbucks while on their surf trip in California! They did seem in […]

Dull day in Padstow, Where have all the nice half-term people gone?

Well i know the kids have to back to school, and with guilty relief so have mine, I so enjoyed my time in the shop being shown how to work […]

Hot Sunny Thursday Half Term

Has Summer come back? It as so hot walking along Constantine Beach over to Booby’s Bay on a very low spring tide, Lots of people were in the sea during […]

Happy Halloween!

If you go into our shop in Padstow and say “BOO‘ to Ollie or Jenny they will give you one of our fab fish mobiles to take home, its certainly […]

Fun walk on a dreary day

It was a dreary Sunday afternoon and after reluctantly dragging out my two girls for a walk (as long as they could bring 3 friends!) we set off from Treyarnon […]

Management taking cat naps!

Finally up and printing in not quite user friendly office, still waiting for Ikea bookshelves which will make my life easier when they arrive! Sorry for any delays in orders, […]

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