Fishing Boats at Padstow Harbour

Well i know the kids have to back to school, and with guilty relief so have mine, I so enjoyed my time in the shop being shown how to work the till etc.You would think that after seven and a half years I would know how but the credit card machine throws me into a panic and each transaction fill me with dread! I do hide very much behind the “i’m an artist” phrase, but I have to say I did get to grips with it much better over half -term, all the people I met were extremely nice and patient.

The reason for this crash course in “till work” is that I am having to cover Ollie’s shifts as he is currently in California on a surf trip with surfer mates for two weeks and I had no choice but to learn so that Jenny who does the lion’s share in the shop can get a well earned break!

Got up extra early this morning, dropped the girls off at bus stop, excercised dog, let chickens out, fed cats and answered emails and turned up at shop smart and ready only to find that Jenny was already ensconced behind counter already dealing with web orders! The upshot is I retuned home to start exciting new product range which will take some time to do, daughter Polly helps with typing and so it wasn’t a wasted day.

The only interruption was this afternoon when I was called to “facetime” with the California surfers.Didn’t help seeing the bright blue sky through the windows of the Starbucks they were in whilst having coffee and free internet. The weather outside here did go a lot more gray and wet,

Perhaps the sun will shine tomorrow!