It was a dreary Sunday afternoon and after reluctantly dragging out my two girls for a walk (as long as they could bring 3 friends!) we set off from Treyarnon car park. We took our usual  route  from there over towards Constantine towards Booby’s Bay and Trevose Head. Despite  strong winds there were quite a few people out walking during this half-term.

I took this picture of Constantine Beach, trying out my new 10mm-20mm Sigma lens, as I thought the image looked a bit dull I funked it up a bit.

We came across these amazing goose barnacles washed up on a large log, They get washed in from deep waters during storms, in the Middle Ages people believed that they hatched from eggs laid by geese out to sea.Carrying on towards Trevose Headland, I climbed down some cliffs to take some photos of the white waters and waves, there was just enough light to pick out the waves, shows The Quies in the background

After a brief rest on bench, we headed back, Lucy, Polly and dog Buffy seen demonstrating short break!

Finally  almost back to car park, there was a handy ice cream van where there was a small mutiny until all the girls had some!  I love this picture of all the girls, I made it sepia too give it a timeless quality. Funny how its never too cold for ice cream!

Back home for tea, feed the chickens and light the log burner!