Amazing skies over Boobys, North Cornwall

Thought I would post these photographs to show what it was like down on the beach last Thursday 26th July. We were invited for a late evening  barbeque by Dom from Explore the Shore and Ashleigh from O’Neill Surf Academy which was lovely after being stuck inside all day! As the coals took a long time to light I had time to take some pics. I took my little Canon 1100D with a 18-200 zoom lens camera which now goes pretty much with me everywhere ever since I took it to Everest Base Camp as it has such a light body. The photos were taken using raw files and I slightly under exposed the image to punch out the clouds and the colours were so amazing they needed no editing.

I was lucky that there were clouds as I think that sunset shots can be dull with out the contrast in the skies, also I don’t usually take these kinds of shots, but I am pleased with this one and we put it in the shop yesterday and its selling well already.

Ashleigh Bennetts, Boobys

This photograph is a real pinup pic, when Ashleigh came out of the sea from a surf, I got her to pose (she’s a natural!) and I tried different positions and chose this one as it is hard getting silhouettes with dramatic backgrounds, I also edited it to give the print a vintage timeless feel and am pleased to say she loves the photograph and so it will soon be on sale in the shop and my website for those surfers looking for a pin-up!

Feeling chilled and relaxed after delicious food and cold beer and tired out dogs we headed home to bed!

Susie x