Brighton Beach

We have just come back from a mini break where we stayed with an old friend from Chelsea Arts college days and her family in their wonderful large house in Brighton. We arrived on Friday evening and I woke up on Saturday with an aching head due to a slight over indulgence with wine in all the excitement of meeting up! Brighton is such a wonderful place to stroll around with lots of funky independent shops and great cafes.

After a restorative breakfast and window shopping we headed down to the pier eager to see if we could see any zombies as it was the annual gathering of Beach of the Dead. Every year thousands of people gather dressed as zombies and walk through the town and numbers have increased from four thousand last year to approx six thousand this year.

Dark skies over the Pier

We were a bit early for the parade which we would have to miss as we were setting off for Glyndebourne at 3.oopm so we started from the Pier and slowly worked our way up towards the train station. The sky was pretty dark and there was some intermittent rain, which was very atmospheric. The first people we came across was a group of people advertising the forthcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show, an old favourite of mine from the Kings Road days! When I asked if I could take a picture, they scooped us in with them, grabbed my phone and to my alarm was lifted up by “Rocky” for the photo! After much hilarity I was placed back on the ground by a slightly breathless mostly naked actor and we continued our search!

Rocky Horror Show cast with temporary Brad and Janet!

We soon started to pick out the zombies from the usual Saturday shoppers and there were some excellent ones that had gone to a huge amount of effort. By the time we walked up to the train station they were coming down the street and were happy to pose!

Zombies off the train.

More zombies

Nice looking couple!

Keeping it in the family.

We then went back to the house, got changed and drove to Glyndebourne to see the magical opera The Marriage of Figaro, this was the actual reason for our coming up to Brighton and I had been looking forward to this production for months. Our seats were high up but we had a great view, the sets were amazing and when the orchestra started up and the cast came on and started singing it was sublime. There was a brief interval, (unlike the lengthy Summer full on productions) where we ate our cornish pasties washed down with excellent cava from Bin Two, Padstow, and suitably refreshed we watched the second part and clapped loudly when it ended.

People taking their seats

The cast get underway.

This was my first visit to Glyndebourne and seeing The Marriage of Figaro again after seeing it at the ENO was wonderful as the music is sublime and the story funny and upbeat and the singing glorious, this is a great opera to see if it is your first, Mozart doesn’t disappoint! We all came out in a happy upbeat mood and I also loved the contemporary 70’s feel and funky dance moves. The only thing I did notice was that we did seem to be very much the younger of the audience and the majority were fairly elderly which I felt is a shame, as very few of my children’s generation will probably never go, the tickets are hard to get hold of and are very expensive, I feel compelled to take them one day to see what they are missing out on!

We all were home 30 minutes later and mulling over the extraordinary day we had with the diverse things we had done, while finishing off the cava I slipped into my brand new pj’s  which is what I will be wearing when watching  the tv show Walking Dead , if only I had a pair for opera on the telly! Off to bed after that and ready for the drive back to Cornwall on Sunday.

Ready for bed!