loading up sheep feed

I couldn’t resist taking these photographs while at collecting layer pellets at Cornwall Valley Farmers. I luckily had my canon G11 camera in my handbag, and the dogs owner from Carruan farm didn’t have a problem with me hovering around her landrover while her dogs Jack, Mad Max and Bill were very well behaved!

I had to do quite a lot of editing to reduce the glare off the windscreen, but as impromptu models they were very well behaved!

….and your problem is?

It has been ages since I last blogged, I seem to be catching my tail, both daughters finishing school, ready for Truro College and don’t underestimate the stress of all the details of their Wadebridge school prom. The perfect pair of shoes for one was finally found in Exeter 3 days ago!

Meanwhile I have been really busy developing loads of new ideas and products for The Padstow Mussel Co. There is going to be different china, t towels etc and some of the new prints have been flying out the shop, as this is still work in progress I am not disclosing them yet. Frustrating that most of them will take 3 months for proofs and actual products.

It seems that British manufacturing is regaining popularity and so there are now longer lead times. Please be patient and thank you for waiting!

Patiently waiting!