This triggerfish was found by Dom from Explore The Shore around Christmas time when several of these can be found washed in on the local Cornish beaches, this one is unusual as the eyes are intact and very fresh,usually they are missing their eyes and there is a hole through their eye sockets which is handy if you had the brilliant idea to hang them up in the garage to let them dry out and mummify. Unfortunately after three years they still stank and oozed goo and attracted loads of flies and I had to admit defeat,  We don’t live in a very hot dry climate where this might have worked! so if you see someone carrying some stinking fish tied through their eye sockets,surrounded by flies and seaweed , it won’t be me!

Triggerfish are now found around our coasts from October and are increasingly more common due to the waters becoming warmer, they migrate from the Mediterranean. They get their name from the stout spine on their dorsal fin, when hiding in crevices from predators the trigger fish raises its first dorsal spine, locking it in position with its second spine in the rock, when the predator has given up, it then depresses the second spine, which acts as a trigger to release the first.

Triggerfish have sharp incisors to chisel holes in mussels and other molluscs, fish in Britain can be 30-40 cm in length and live for at least 15 years.