Escape to the Country and Teaching……
The BBC production of Escape to the Country came and filmed me showing a couple Keith and Carol how to do rubbings. The programme if you are not familiar with [&hel...Continue Reading>>

My very own stone medal!

A Little bit of the Olympics in Cornwall!

Walking our dog on the beach a couple of days ago I found this amazing pebble, about 8 cms long, it is extraordinary what nature can turn up! With the […]

Amazing skies over Boobys, North Cornwall

Hot Sunny Days and Glorious Sunsets!

Thought I would post these photographs to show what it was like down on the beach last Thursday 26th July. We were invited for a late evening  barbeque by Dom […]

Cornish John Dory Rubbing

Rubbing Fish, A perfect project for rainy days!

Finally I am able to show some of my new images that I have had so much fun doing whilst being kept indoors!. These are all rubbings of actual fish […]

loading up sheep feed

Loading up sheep feed….

I couldn’t resist taking these photographs while at collecting layer pellets at Cornwall Valley Farmers. I luckily had my canon G11 camera in my handbag, and the dogs owner from […]

At Everest Base Camp

My Awfully Big Adventure, and Thinking of Everest…

It has been two weeks since I returned from Nepal and only now have I actually  got my head around catching up with my blog. The one I sent from […]


From Roughtor to Kathmandu

Finally after months and months today is the day I leave for Kathmandu! Lots of hill walking ,coastal paths and training I am on my way to Heathrow  for the […]

carrying the treasure

Pirates leave buried treasure on Easter Day

Eggciting day down on Booby’s Beach, North Cornwall, a pirate had left a treasure map left clues to buried treasure on the beach that contained stolen Easter eggs, all the […]

everest 2

The trouble with bucket lists!

I cannot believe that the time comes around so quickly, and one of the reasons that I have not been blogging for a while is that I had under estimated […]

Pilchard Wheel ,Newlyn

Vintage Effect Photograph Of A Pilchard Wheel, Newlyn.

I have found this image of a salted pilchard wheel that I photographed several years ago when visiting the Newlyn Fish Festival which is a fantastic annual one day event […]

Bo, Buffy and Barney.

Three Dogs On A Very Long Walk!

Sunday afternoon was glorious weather, Dom who has Bo, Munch who has Barney and myself with Buffy decided to take the dogs for a good walk, We set off from […]

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