Even my bowls were not big enough!

Towards the end of Summer and before school term time starts we always try and have a big seafood feast which we are lucky to do as we live by the sea in Cornwall. It starts by planning a trip to collect a load of samphire before the stems become too woody and the plant dies back in the Winter. I happened to find some growing many years ago and keep it a closely guarded secret as the huge over inflated prices in fishmongers make it a valuable wild plant.

Samphire grows in estuaries and to get it for ourselves takes a good drive and a lot of walking, but worth it once a year to eat loads of what is my favourite dish with seafood. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wrote about it in The Guardian  with his recipes. I think the best way to eat it is just to boil it in water for 2-3 minutes and have no dressing at all, just pull the whole branch through your teeth and you are left with a tiny woody looking Christmas tree!

Buffy the dog enjoying samphire!

The flavour is subtle and tastes of the sea and salt, if you eat loads you will be needing a lot of water to drink later! After collecting a huge bag we headed back and put our biggest pans on to boil for the 5 lobsters and 8 crabs my fisherman friend David had got for us from Padstow.

Freshly cooked!

My absolute favourite food!

All that remained was some excellent homemade garlic  mayonnaise by my neighbour, some chips, french bread, chilled white wine, and big appetites. This was a meal fit for kings, which 10 of us sat down and devoured!


Susie x