Susies driftwood art made from some of her fantastic beachcoming finds!

Susie’s driftwood art made from some of her fantastic beachcombing finds!

For most, a stroll along the seashore is exactly that. For others though it’s like diving into a treasure trove of strangely beautiful curiosities. The mystery of how it got there, how many seas it has traveled, and how it came to rest right here on the beach is something that keeps us searching for more.  One mans rubbish is certainly another mans treasure when it comes to beachcombing.  As one of our favourite activities here at The Padstow Mussel Co. it will provide you a little bit of added fun on the beach, and when you back at home!

With the Atlantic ocean waking up from its summery slumber, the fierce storms and strong winds offer up a vast collection of beachy treasures for those looking hard enough. Some of our favourite finds include:

Rope: In a rainbow of colour its always easy to spot, and you’d be surprised how much useful rope you can find on the shoreline.  As one of the most prevalent ‘marine litters’ you’ll find it absolutely everywhere.  Usually in an unfathomable tangle with some seaweed mixed in this find may take you some time, but the reward are worth it! The rope is a great resource for lots of crafts, and occasionally a good pile of rope will also hold a fisherman’s buoy….one of the most prized beachcomber possessions…ideal for a bit of decoration in the garden!

Lobster Tags: With a keen eye, you may come across these long plastic tags. At first glance they often appear to be a plain old piece of plastic…but look closer, you’ll often find the location from which this tag came.  Other numbers on the tag will be the fisherman’s licence number, or pot number. We’ve found many that have made a 3000 mile Atlantic journey from as far afield as Maine and even Newfoundland, Canada. You never know, you may even be holding a little bit of history in your hands, as this chap found out…..

Driftwood: After some time spent in the ocean, the actions of waves, sand and time spent in the water can turn even the ugliest of branches into a the beautiful piece of wood.  Driftwood has many uses….think craft projects, kindling, garden features.  We certainly find many uses for it, and our collection grows rapidly  after every visit to the beach.  Check out Susies drifwood inspied art

We hope that next time you’re down on the beach you can let your eyes drift to the shoreline in search of some strangely beautiful finds! Be sure to also check out our ‘from the beach board‘ on Pinterest for some added inspiration!