Pilchard Wheel, Newlyn

I have found this image of a salted pilchard wheel that I photographed several years ago when visiting the Newlyn Fish Festival which is a fantastic annual one day event in August. The Pilchard Works used to be Britain’ s last traditional salt pilchard factory and was also a wonderful museum. It closed its doors as a salting and pressing factory in 2005 so it must have been before then that I went to visit it. The casks were hand made and have been used in the factory since 1905 and stopped production because of demand.

Nowadays the Pilchard Works is thriving as a canning factory and the Cornish Pilchards and Mackerel are canned and hand filled and sent all around the world with their distinctive images of paintings by Newlyn artists on the tins. The pilchard and the sardine are the same fish and can be called either,but traditionally the pilchard is over 6ins long anything smaller is a sardine.

Just a little trivia for a Saturday morning as I was curious to find out for myself. I love the print and will put it on the website and shop but meanwhile I have printed and framed on for myself where it looks excellent on my kitchen wall.