The detail on this Kodak camera is exquisite.

My daughter Lucy has become a camera fanatic and is fascinated in old cameras with bellows and has made herself a pinhole camera.I went through the attic and found an old German Super Ikonta bellows camera that my Father used to use, he always said that Zeiss lenses were in his opinion the best.He was a very good photographer and I later  started using his darkroom when beginning photography at college. He once had a Hasselblad Twin Lens Camera and sold it to an ex manager of the Beatles, I was very small when this chap drove all the way down to the South coast of Cornwall to collect it! The Ikonta camera still seems to be in good condition and we are going to get some 120 film and give it a try.

The camera I have photographed is one I bought in an auction so long ago I had forgotten that I had it, although the bellows are split and tatty the camera is beautiful to look at and it is sad that the 131 year old Kodak company  has filed for bankruptcy as giant rivals such as Hewlett-Packard are now taking over. This makes me nostalgic  of my student days when kodak film and paper ruled my life at art college and my bedsit smelt strongly of bromide!

Nostalgic for old prints

I have just done a range of  vintage effect prints as I love the timeless quality and some are now on my website The Padstow Mussel Co mostly of Trevose Lighthouse using compositions that could once have been postcards. I have a few more to add and they will be in a smaller size, but it does make me feel guilty that these are computer generated and are printed on my Epson 4900 printer not an old Kodak enlarger!. I have a complete range of them on my print room wall as they give a wonderful ambience and feel. This is my current favourite way of printing although I still love the original colour and classic black and white prints, I am now on the lookout for anything that I can turn into an old looking print so don’t sit still for too long!